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November 5, 2009

What is a “Teacher Scholar”?

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I teach in a community college.  And I am trying to complete a PhD in English, specifically in the field of composition and rhetoric.  Teaching in a community college is not like teaching in a university or a four-year college.  I would argue that in some ways it’s a bit harder.  Mark Reynolds, an avid supporter of those of us teaching English in the two-year colleges, wrote an essay a while back called “Building a Two-Year College Teacher-Scholar Community.”  In this essay, Reynolds offers basic suggestions for faculty to become active teacher-scholars within the two-year college professional community. Among his suggestions are: (1) become familiar with the major professional journals in the field; (2) joining a professional organization and attending professional meetings; (3) publication in professional journals; and (4) professional service. He contends that involvement in all of these areas are a part of professionalization and are essential to make a well-rounded, better prepared, and more informed teacher.

And for me that means finishing my PhD.  Every little stinkin’ part of it.  So meet my new blog!  This is where I will talk through my ideas and whine!


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